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Reasons why the Daylight Saving Time Should be Ended

During the World War II, the soldiers had a difficult time in counteracting the enemies on the battlefields and so there was a need to extend the days and shorten the morning hours. This is called the daylight saving time, and it was meant to ensure a lot of oil for lighting was saved, and so they never feared since they could easily work even at night. Therefore, it is important to note that the daylight saving time was crucial during the World War II, but after that, the world has experienced great revolutions and now no part of the day should be deprived to cater for the other one. It is important to establish and push for the termination of the daylight saving time mode so that you can enjoy spending the days and nights equally. Again, there are many sources of light these days, and so you do not have to economize on the oil. Here are the reasons why you need to end the daylight saving time mode.

To begin with, you realize that there are many white collar jobs these days and so it means people have to attend in time and so if the mornings are shortened, there will be inconveniences. When the daylight saving mode is eliminated, it means that the white collar job workers will be favored since they will arrive in time and so they will work diligently for the success of the company. According to the high number of people working in the morning, you should advocate for the daylight saving time to be ended and the jobs will be done accordingly.

Secondly, the morning hours are very important for the developing kids because of the sunlight that attributed to their good health by strengthening the bones. If you want to avoid a malnutrition nation, you should advocate for the end of the time saver so that kids can experience the morning hours of good sunlight. The health of a nation matters a lot, and so you need to push for the end of the time mode.

Sleep is an important part of your health and so the need to ensure an equal length of day and night by ending the daylight time saver. When you sleep comfortably, you will allow your body to relax and good health will be your portion, meaning that you will face the day strongly.

For effective growth of food crops, sunlight is needed, and that means the humanity will be properly served. This will lead to a healthy nation and therefore the daylight saving mode should be ended.

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